Smart Z’apéros



They are not always (intelligent) aperitifs. But just before the good evening meal we offer you this little entertainment that is both fun and tasty around the wines of St Mont; Madiran, Pacherenc vic bilh, Côtes de Gascogne.

Introduction to tasting, we observe it, we smell it, we taste it and we discover it. and we talk about it........ THE WINE , red, white or rosé accompanied by a delicious tapas platter with homemade products and our neighboring producers

Blind tasting, blind test around aromas, games on knowledge of the Gers vineyards

simplicity, conviviality, good humor and passion will be the codes of the evening, in full immersion in our cellar..

Cheers, dear guests

And as the Albigensian painter Henri de TOULOUSE LAUTREC said

""I will drink milk when the cows are grazing grapes""